Written by Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson and Jaime Browne, the crime drama The Mule, set in 1983, tells the story of what happens when a naive man (Sampson) with lethal narcotics in his stomach is detained by Australian Federal Police. While locked in a hotel room and watched by cops, criminals, lawyers and his own mother, he’s determined to withhold the evidence for as long as he can. During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Georgina Haig (who plays legal aid lawyer Jasmine Griffiths) talked about what attracted her to The Mule, how she connected to this character, making the role three-dimensional, Jasmine’s secret ambitions, and why making this movie available to so many different people at the same time could really help give it a fair shot. She also talked about being the physical embodiment of Elsa from Frozen on Once Upon A Time, feeling very protective of her, and getting to wear that dress, along with what being a part of Fringe means to her and whether she’d like to do more American television. Check out what she had to say after the jump.

Collider: How did you come to this film?

GEORGINA HAIG: I was actually in Charleston, South Carolina, filming a pilot, and I got sent the script, read it and just thought it was brilliant. The whole concept was just horrifically intriguing. I just thought it was such a great example of a wonderful thriller. It was a suspenseful script with great elements of black comedy and great characters. Everybody is hiding something. I just read it and went, “I want to see that movie!” If you have that feeling when you read a script, you want to be a part of it.

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