Storybrooke newcomer Elsa (Georgina Haig) came in on a “Frozen” streak in Season 4, but she’s since found a friend in Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.

“She basically feels an enormous connection with Emma because they have this in common – this fact that not only do they both have powers, but they’re both not quite in control of it,” Georgina Haig told on the set of “OUAT” in Vancouver earlier this month. “So they have that conflict and that problem that they’re both dealing with, and they can both understand each other in a way that no one else in that world can understand them. And I think it’s as important to Elsa as it is to Emma to have that friendship. It’s nice. And I think people have been really responding well to that relationship. They’ve been kind of liking that Emma’s got a friend — a friend with common problems. And… in a way, [Jennifer’s] character is quite isolated and has very similar feelings to Elsa a lot of the time. So, I think it’s nice they have each other.”

Georgina, who has been outfitted in very traditional “Frozen” gear on “OUAT” (a real life version of Elsa’s light blue, sparkly dress) said she’d love to see Emma give her character some help with a new look.

“I would like Emma to give Elsa a bit of a makeover, because I think Elsa would love a pair of jeans in Storybrooke because the cape catches on quite a lot of trees and gets very muddy in the Vancouver winter,” Georgina said, when asked her where she’d like to see the friendship between the two women go. “And also, ’cause Emma is so practical. … We’re always off doing errands and she’s nearly tripping over this cape. Emma would have got out a pair of scissors. She would have been like, ‘Jeans. T-shirt. Go!’ So yeah, it would be cool to have like a makeover montage, where she… makes her all practical. Or maybe Elsa’s like, ‘No, this doesn’t work.'”

But, right now it’s only a fun idea. Georgina told reporters she expects her character to continue on in her trademark blue dress.

“Her outfit is so iconic,” the actress said. “But, I don’t know. The show has done it for all the other characters. I just don’t know if [there will] be time. We’ve only got a few more [episodes] to go and I don’t know if there’ll be time for [an] Elsa makeover, which is a shame ’cause I always think that’s part of the fun of the show is seeing how these beloved archetypal characters translate into the modern world. So, I think that would be fun to see that for Elsa, but I’m not sure if it’ll happen. She’d be very bohemian chic, I think. She’d still have the messy, braid-y hair, maybe Free People kind of clothes.”

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.